How to Download and Install MX Player on Kindle Fire

Follow this tutorial to download and install MX Player on kindle fire. Do you own a Kindle Fire? The Amazon manufactured tablet doesn’t have Google Play Store on it. For the same reason, you may find it difficult to install applications.

MX Player For Kindle Fire

Luckily, they have included an Amazon app store on the device. Not every app on Google Play is available there. Still, we can install all the essentials. Download the latest version of MX Player APK from our website and download MX Player Pro APK latest version as well.


Install MX Player for Kindle Fire

You can install Google Play Store on Amazon Kindle Fire if you want. That will enable you to install any app from the official store. Here, you won’t have to go complicated.

Follow the steps given below to install MX Player on Kindle Fire.

Step 1: The primary step is visiting the Amazon app store. You can use the Amazon app, or the website to get there.

Step 2: Once you are on the app store, you will see a search field on top. Type MX Player into it and hit enter.

Step 3: You can see the app in the first position itself. Open it up and you will see a Download button there provided you must be signed in to Amazon. (If you are using another device, make sure that you are signed in to the same Amazon account from the Kindle Fire too).

Step 4: When you are sure about the account, hit the Download button. There you go! Following all these steps from the Kindle Fire itself results in the instant installation. In case you use another device, you should connect the Kindle to an internet connection for getting the app.

N.B. – Do you find it difficult to find MX Player on the app store. Click here to get there directly from amazon kindle app store.

Also download MX Player AC3 custom codec and download MX Player for Windows pc laptop.

Wrapping Up

Facing any difficulty to play certain files? You must install the appropriate codec then. If you still have any issues, leave a comment below.

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