MX Player is the best media player for Android, it has become popular for the straightforward UI and rich features. The best thing about MX Player is you don’t have to pay anything to install it on your phone. The app is available for free to download.

You can even sideload it using an appropriate APK file. All you have to do is download the latest MX Player APK file and open it to finish the installation.

watching video on mx player

Download MX Player App APK for Android

Here in this section, let’s have a look at the process of downloading MX Player APK file and installing the app on your Android smartphone (or tablet). Just follow the step by step procedure given below. Yes the red links you can see just below this paragraph are the mx player apk files download links, however, please read the guide before downloading.

  • Use the link given above to download the latest APK file of MX Player app. In case you download it on your computer, don’t forget to transfer the file to the phone.
  • Android needs you to enable a specific setting for the third-party app installation. So, you have to open the Settings and go to Security. (Follow the screenshot below)
    steps to sideload apps on android
  • There, you can see a checkbox labeled Unknown sources. Make sure the option is turned on. In case it isn’t, you must do it.
  • Now, go back to the directory where you have kept the MX Player app APK. Open the file to kick start the installation.
  • A few taps on Next and Install buttons are all you need to finish sideloading the app on your phone.
    install mx player on android
Note: If any new version is available (update of mx player), you will get a notification as you open the player. You can download the updated latest version of mx player or avoid it.

Is MX Player Compatible with Every Android Device? favicon

If you have a low-end device, you may ask this question multiple times to yourself. Here, you can get the answer.

I know you are waiting for a list of technical requirements like RAM, CPU clock speed, GPU specification, etc. Truth be told, MX Player is compatible with majority of Android phones. The only requirement is your phone should be running on Android 2.1 or higher. I am sure that your phone has a higher version, probably the latest one.

Yeah, it’s true! MX Player doesn’t need a lot of RAM and storage. You need to have some free space available on your phone (enough to install an application).

If you want to stream media from the web, you will need a decent internet connection. Low-speed connections will test your patience by buffering the content.

Availability of MX Player App

It is true that MX Player has seen the light as an Android application. But can you use it on other platforms?

I have searched for an iOS version of the app. And, I got two apps with the name MX Player. Well, you should know that they are unofficial ones. The official developer of the app is J2 Interactive. Apparently, they didn’t develop the cloned apps on iTunes store.

mx player videos screenshot

You are lucky if you have Windows Phone or Windows 8.1 or 10 PC/Laptop. J2 Interactive has developed an official app for Windows. You can go to the windows app store and search for MX Player. There, you will have it. Or, use this direct link.

For your information, the rating of Windows version of the app isn’t good. That’s why i recommend you guys to avoid using that app and use the MX Player android app on your PC or Mac using an Android emulator. For more info on this, check our article on MX Player for PC.

Features of MX Player

In this section, let’s have a look at the features of MX Player.

Background Audio Playback

Background Playback

We don’t need video playback always. Sometimes, we play videos only to hear the audio. If you do the same, the battery backup gets unnecessarily burnt up.

You can optimize the power consumption with an option to minimize the video and make the audio play in the background. Is it impossible?

No, MX Player has the exact feature. You can enable background playback to minimize the video and still listen to the music.

For that you have to open the Settings and turn the background play option on.

Resume Playback

Resume play

Not all of us can complete a movie in one go. You may be an occasional media consumer who watches movies in the spare time. Maybe, you only watch them during the short daily commute.

A simple but annoying issue such users face is they have to fast forward the video to watch from the spot where you stopped last time. I know it sounds silly. But imagine how many times you should drag your fingers or tap on the screen to reach the exact spot.

What MX Player does on the other hand is prompting you whether you would like to start from the beginning or resume the playback.

Network Streaming

Network Streaming

Web streaming on a mobile phone can be havoc. Most of you may not get a satisfying media consuming experience with streaming online videos on mobile browsers.

That’s why MX Player offers network streaming. The working of it is simple. You have to grab the direct link to the web media, go to MX Player, tap on the menu button, choose Network stream, and paste the link there.

You can stream any video you want provided you have a decent internet connection. Mediocre connections will end up giving you headaches in the form of frequent buffering.

Gesture Support


MX Player makes media consumption so much easier with the straightforward gestures it supports. You can do many tasks simply by tapping and dragging on your screen.

I haven’t seen a pinch to zoom in and out feature on any other app but on MX Player. You can zoom in by pinching in and zoom out by doing the exact opposite of it.

And, going backward and forward doesn’t take much time. You can slide your finger to left or right over any portion on the screen (not necessarily on the media progress bar).

Another gesture you can use is for play/pause. As the developers haven’t turned it on by default, you have to access the settings to do that. Once it is done, you can double-tap on the screen to play or pause a video.

Universal Subtitle Support


Subtitles are important for a movie lover, especially if you watch foreign films often. Almost every non-MX Player user thinks that they can’t get subtitle support on mobile.

No, it is wrong! You can watch movies with subtitles just like you do on your computer or laptop. All you need is the MX Player app.

MX Player supports almost all the subtitle formats. You have to place the file into the same location as the media file for MX Player to naturally pick the subtitle up. Or, you need to point the directory where the file belongs to.

The best thing about MX Player is you can even download the appropriate subtitle file without leaving the playback screen.

Kids Lock


Toddlers are fun. But not much, when it comes to mobile phones. They want to hold them giving you a headache when you try to watch a movie. Even if you resist them from taking the device, their touches on the screen may hinder the playback.

On MX Player, you can enable Kids Lock to avoid such a weird situation. You can see the Kids Lock button on the left-bottom corner of the screen. A single tap will turn it on.

Unless you disable it by pressing the button on the left-top portion, no other touch can obstruct the video playback.

Download MX Player for Various Devices

Here, you will know how to install MX Player for different devices.

MX Player for Blackberry

You don’t have to follow a separate guide to install MX Player on your Blackberry device. First, enable the unknown sources from the security settings panel. Then, download the APK file. The link is given once again below.

Download MX Player App for Blackberry

You can open the file to complete the installation.

MX Player for Samsung

Apart from Android, Samsung has phones running on two other platforms; Tizen and Bada. You can follow the method given above for downloading and installing mx player on any Android device.

For Tizen, you can’t download apps from Play Store. Neither can you sideload it as well. The best thing to do is opening the Tizen App Store, searching for MX Player, and installing it.

Unfortunately, MX Player for Bada isn’t available.

MX Player for Kindle Fire

Installing MX Player on your Kindle isn’t as hard as it may seem. Open the Amazon app store, search for MX Player, and hit the download button (make sure you are signed into your Amazon account).

You can go to the app page using this direct link.

N.B.- If you visit the Amazon app store from any another device, you can hit the download button to get it on the Kindle Fire. The only requirement is you should use the same account on both the devices.

MX Player for PC and Mac

I hope you are familiar with the method to run MX Player on Windows PCs.

The best way is using an Android emulator. You can go with Bluestacks. The installing of the app can be done inside the emulator. Alternatively, you can download the APK file and open it with the emulator to finish the installation.

Follow the same method to install MX Player on Mac as well.

N.B.- You can go with official MX Player app for Windows Phone, and PC with 8.1 or 10 as well.

MX Player for Chromebook

Chromebooks are computers with low-performance profile. And, you can’t download good emulators like Bluestacks on it to harness its full power.

The best way to run MX Player on a Chromebook is using a browser extension called ARC Welder. Once you install the plugin, enter chrome://apps into the address bar. You will see the app there. Open it up, direct to the appropriate APK file (you should download it prior to this step), and hit Launch the app. In this way, you can run mx player on Chromebook.

Download MX Player Codec Pack

If you face any issues in playing particular file formats or hearing AC3 or DTS audio on mx player, you can install an additional Codec pack to make the player fully functional.

First, go to Settings>> Decode. And, have a look at what is given under Custom codec.

Then, choose the right one by following this link.

Download MX Player Codec

Hope you got everything you need about MX Player.

Don’t forget to share this article with your friends. And, let us know if you have any doubts about running MX Player on any of your devices.