Download MX Player Pro APK 1.10.43 (Latest Version)

Free download MX Player pro latest version from here. Having the premium version of an application has many benefits, the prominent being the ad-free using experience.

The best media player for Android, MX Player also has a premium version called MX Player Pro. Obviously, you need to pay some bucks to officially get your hands on it. But you can get it by sideloading the Pro APK as well.

Download MX Player Pro APK

VersionMX Player Pro 1.10.47
File Size27.5 MB
RequiresAndroid 4.0 and up
DeveloperJ2 Interactive

MX Player Pro doesn’t need any additional steps for installing. You can follow the same methods you use for sideloading any other app using its APK file. Just make sure you have checked Unknown Sources by following Settings>> Security.

steps to sideload apps on android

Features of MX Player Pro

Now that you have installed the pro version of the app on your phone, let’s have a look at its features.

No Advertisements

watching video on mx player

The significant feature of MX Player Pro is the lack of advertisements. On MX Player free version, you see ads on the list of video files and on the playback screen when you pause.

On the contrary, MX Player Pro doesn’t have any type of advertisements on it. So, you can enjoy seamless video playback whenever you want.

Audio Synchronization

Some video files exhibit no syncing between audio and video. Audio may get rendered first or second, making it awkward for the viewers.

MX Player doesn’t make you disappointed here. You can correctly sync audio and video using Audio Synchronization option. All you have to do is opening the corrupted video and going to Audio>> Synchronization.

A small box will appear on the playback screen then. Just adjust the timing to make the video getting rendered slow or fast.

NoteDownload MX Player Codec Files to Fix No Audio Issue on MX Player.

A-B Repeat

mx player videos screenshot

Almost every video player have repeat feature. MX Player also has it. Along with that, it also has an A-B repeat facility.

Open a video, tap the MX Player button, and hit Play. You can see A-B repeat option there. What you should do is choosing a start point and an end point. Once you do that the player will repeatedly playing the selected part of the video.

Also Check Download MX Player for PC.

Online Subtitle Downloads

Needless to say, MX Player supports almost every subtitle format. So, you can throw any subtitle at it.

The handy feature is the option to download subtitles from the web. If you think you need a subtitle for the movie you are watching, you can download it even without leaving the playback screen.

Tap the menu button and go to Subtitles>> Online subtitles>> Search.

Resume Playback

mx player settings screenshot

Sliding the fingers to skip a video every time we want to resume the playback is annoying, especially when you want to resume the playback of a movie and the part you stopped watching it is near the end.

MX Player doesn’t make you uncomfortable. Whenever you open a video you already played a bit, it will ask you whether you want to resume the playback or start from the beginning.

I hope you have downloaded MX Player Pro APK. As you have read above, the significant feature you get with the premium version is the lack of ads only.

Almost every other feature remains the same. If you face any difficulty in installing the app, submit a comment below, describing your issue.

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